I consider myself a life-long learner, and throughout this wonderful journey, especially on the web, depending on what you are in search of, or regardless of your own beliefs. You stumble across fellow humans on the same mission, with either relating or a completely different lens from your own worldview.

Obviously, it’s super important to “absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is essentially your own”. Interestingly, the quote was a helpful guide on my end and I guess that’s essentially how one gets the best out of the web, depending on how you choose to navigate…

Part One

If you have been following the Silicon Valley culture of how to build a successful and scalable tech company, the “emphasis” of having a co-founder is at the core and forefront of almost all decisions or every door.

Well, there are infinite reasons for such prerequisites. Today, diving deeper into the world's most renowned products and solutions; the evidence is in plain sight. Arguably making these processes the most important part of starting a company. It is important to distinguish between — for lack of a better word a programmer, an indie hacker, a serial entrepreneur, and someone…

How GEEKULCHA is enabling platforms for Innovation, Creativity and Local Talent

2021 #Top15YoungGeeks Nominee and finalist

Many Young South African, including myself, have somehow been affected by what had transpired on this month, 45 years ago. Though it had been an issue even before 16 June 1976, it is still a problem today. You can easily trace current — related developments and levels of thinking within diverse communities. But, honestly, up to now, I don’t think there is anyone to point a figure at.

As for many, those series of demonstrations and protests led by black school children was an eye-opener, creating a strong reference and guide towards their continuous work…

The duty to refer.

Cultural ambassadors for many customers.

Simple ideas for real problems from real users, seeking real solutions.

A brief street tour of raw authentic conversation, expression, and stories with users in Africa’s underrepresented small markets.

Before anything can ‘fit’


Mokakatla Masekela

Ardently advocating innovative Education .💡

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